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Disclaimer: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

“Mr. Morris and his staff are experienced and extremely knowledgeable. Going through a contentious divorce and custody battle is hard enough, but Chuck’s guidance and intimate knowledge of the process helped me get through this. I wanted honest answers and clear parameters of what I could and should expect, and I got that with Chuck. I have and will continue to recommend his services.”

Heather K.

“I have had three occasions to interact with Charles over the past year, the last of which (September 2016) involved a post-nuptial agreement. Charles is an extremely knowledgeable attorney, a great listener, and no-nonsense when it comes to focusing on the issues. Equally, perhaps more important to those (like me) not familiar with the law but needing a good understanding of what is involved in their situation, he explains everything clearly and patiently. His fees are totally in line with what you will find anywhere in this area.”

Joe C.

“My case just finalised so I thought I’d give an honest assessment of this firm because of some conflicting comments below. Let me start off with the staff at this firm; they are really good, organized and nice. My first attorney at this firm retired and when it switched to Charles Morris, who runs the place, he was what I expected in an attorney. Are there other decent attorneys that can do a great job for far much less, absolutely. But with this firm you are paying a bit of a premium to get the desired results.”

Roger M.

“Mr. Morris is the attorney I recommend to friends and associates – Anyone needing the services of a divorce attorney. From the beginning of my case until the end, Mr. Morris did an outstanding job. He is the most knowledgeable attorney I have encountered, but more than that he is compassionate and wise. I believe he obtained the best possible settlement for me and my children. He gave me excellent advice throughout the entire process. It was a very difficult time for me and my five children, but Mr. Morris caused me to feel safe with his counsel and guidance. He knows how to handle himself in a courtroom, and his experience came through each time. He was well prepared, and the judge’s response was favourable to us every time. Mr. Morris is honest and trustworthy, and that is evident in the courtroom. I highly recommend Mr. Morris without hesitation to anyone needing an attorney!”

Drinda S.

“While this was not my first divorce it was clearly the most involved as it relates to long term support, attorney fees for opposing council and division of assets. The divorce process is an emotional one and can be quite expensive, especially involving long term marriages. Charles was extremely patient and companionate despite my relatively impatient and aggressive personality. His knowledge is extensive, and as a result I believe he guided me to the best possible financial outcome while following the guidelines for the county and state. He was very fair with the charges and went well above and beyond the call of duty on more than one occasion. If you must go through the divorce process then Charles will make it as painless as a divorce can be. As a parting note I have to say that the experience of the individual who posted a single star rating did so based on not receiving a call back when requesting a free consultation. I had a very different experience. When I made the initial call for a free consultation, not only did he call back within minutes…..he moved his schedule around and set me up for a face to face meeting within the hour. Victor and I had two very different experiences and my experience spanned nearly a years time. Hopefully others that are in need of professional help find this review useful.”

Jeffrey T.

“I needed an atty to re-write my custody arrangement with my ex wife. She moved and refused to address the situation so I had to. I knew Mr. Morris was my guy 3 seconds into our initial consultation. He is smart, confident and just the right amount of cocky that I wanted to see in my attorney. The paperwork was all handled correctly and when I had to go to court he was like a rock star. He was chatting it up with the bailiff, walked around the courtroom like he owned it and had great rapport with the judge. My case was easy but just knowing that he was there and knew what he was doing made me feel like the situation was under complete control. He was recommended to me by someone else. I highly recommend him if you want somebody who shoots straight, knows what he is doing and can handle himself like a boss in the courtroom.”

Daniel J.

“Mr. Morris and his staff are very professional, attentive and compassionate. The office handled my divorce. He assisted me with a dispute and he was able to resolve quickly and to my satisfaction. They were knowledgeable and guided me through the process which is not always easy but they did a great job. He was looking out for my best interest and assured me that my concern would be resolved. I am truly grateful and would definitely recommend his office.”

Oscar C.

“Atty. Morris kept me informed every step of the way through a contentious divorce after 29 years of marriage. Broke the Law down into language (plain English) and examples that were easy to understand.

He was willing to go the extra mile for me with regard to discovery issues. Most of all, I appreciated his accessibility and management of my expectations.”


“Mr. Morris helped me with a custody battle for my daughter. Not only did he keep my mind at ease, but he also worked his hardest for my case.

When we hit a rough patch and couldn’t pay our balance right away, he worked out a fair payment plan to repay him in a timely manner.

I would highly recommend Mr. Morris for any of you legal needs.”


“I had a very messy divorce and I felt very taken care of in the hands of Chuck Morris. He kept me well informed, told me the process, gave me instructions of what to do, and I listened to his advice. By doing all that, my divorce was processed and over quick without any hiccups.”


“Overall I feel this firm is excellent and although a bit pricey, I feel you get what you pay for. Stetner & Morris was all over my case fr the get go. They did a great job with their communication and follow through. I was given exactly what I wanted in the divorce outcome and I couldn’t of been happier with the results. I would recommend this firm to anyone anticipating a complicated divorce.”


“Charles is a class act and has a really calm demeanor that is needed, especially in divorce cases. I needed an attorney who I knew would represent my best interests as well as provide honest guidance for my case. My case didn’t start off with Charles as my attorney but as soon as he started to take over control of my case I immediately noticed the difference and felt like he truly cared about his client. He is prompt responsive, honest and encourages you to work things out so you don’t tie up all your finances in court. I have heard that Charles is one of the best, if not the best, divorce attorney in the area and I would agree with that assessment. His staff is also pretty darn good. Interestingly, I spoke with my ex-wife about her experiences with her attorney and it was evident that Charles Morris and staff are a huge step ahead of everyone else.

I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Charles to someone going through similar matters.”


“Charles Morris really treated me well. Divorce is an emotional time and he always showed compassion and concern when dealing with me. It turns out that not only is he a lawyer, but he is also an ordained minister which gives him a true depth of character. When I had questions, I could call the office and either Chuck or his secretary would get back to me quickly. He is honest and forthright. He also knows the law. I had personal property before getting married and Chuck made sure that I kept what belonged to me. He knows how to deal with opposing counsel and kept everything above board – even though the other side tried to play hardball. Although divorce is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone – if you need a lawyer – this is the one to pick.”


“Mr. Morris has done an excellent job of handling my divorce and custody case. It has been a long process as my Ex continues to be difficult about every issue, and insists on dragging our custody case out. Mr. Morris has advocated for my children and helped me make sure that they were in a safe as possible environment. He has been tough when we have needed to stand our ground, yet hasn’t stirred up more issues just to make extra money or drag out this process any further. He would have been happy for my kids and I if this was a simple process and not even have had to gone to court to begin with. He has tried to negotiate us out of other court appearances, to try to save me the additional stress and expense as well.”


“I met with Mr. Morris regarding my pending divorce and what struck me most about him and Ms. Sterner is their concern about me and my children and whether or not the decision to get a divorce was the best decision for my family. They made me feel like they wanted what was best for me and not to just rush me into court so they could get paid. They were knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Their office staff is amazing as well.”


“I have used the Law Office of Charles J. Morris, Jr. multiple times over the past years. My initial divorce was difficult with a small child involved. I was worried about losing my son but I listened and did what my attorney, Chuck Morris, told me to do. I had a favorable outcome and my son stayed with me. Throughout the years, we have had to revisit custody issues with my son and the lawyers at the Law Office of Charles J. Morris, Jr. helped me resolve the problems. Chuck Morris helped me through many difficult times. I highly recommend him when in need of a family law attorney.”

Marcus W.

Disclaimer: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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