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Celebrity case illustrates ramifications of paternity testing

When there are questions about who can legally be considered the father of a child, parents may decide to test for paternity. Although paternity disputes among celebrities are bound to become headline news, such as the story involving hip-hop star Ne-Yo, these tests are also commonly used by average Los Angeles county residents.

For his part, Ne-Yo seems to be embroiled in legal trouble despite a paternity test that demonstrated that he was not the father of his ex-girlfriend's child. According to reports, a gag order was issued when the paternity matter was settled. As such, the child's mother is pursuing action against the musician for talking about this case in an interview.

The hope is that Ne-Yo will be able to settle this pressing legal and family matter with his ex-girlfriend. As the latest element of this case unfolds, it is important for the star to remember that one major question has been settled.

Like in this case, there are several reasons mothers and fathers seek to establish paternity. Mothers may seek a paternity test in order to obtain a child support order, so they have financial assistance to raise their children. At the same time, the test can also be used to get a release of parental rights from the father so that an adoption can take place.

Fathers are also often the party seeking a test to establish or refute paternity, as was the case with Ne-Yo. Fathers may want to legally establish that they are the biological father of a child. This will allow them to seek child custody and visitation rights, and it will give them a voice in their child's upbringing. Prospective fathers also often seek paternity results to clear themselves of financial responsibility for someone who is not their child.

Paternity actions can have significant ramifications. An experienced family law attorney can assist individuals going through this type of situation in fully understanding the implications and the process involved in filing a civil proceeding to establish or refute paternity.

Source:, "Ne-Yo Caught Up In Legal Trouble With His Ex," Dec. 24, 2012

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