What Sole Custody, Joint Custody And Third-Party Custody Entails

Although few people are prepared to relinquish any rights to their children as the result of a divorce, certain compromises need to be made with regards to whether joint custody is a possibility, or if sole custody with other parent visitation rights is the answer. The most common arrangements in some states are sole custody, joint custody, and third-party custody. With experienced legal repres... Read More

The Full Service Cause Of Action

Without marriage there would be no divorce. True or False. From experience it would seem this proposition is false except for the strictly legal meaning of divorce. (Since no fault became the law of the land in California, technically we are not divorced – we are dissolved.) A growing percentage of the population does not bother to get that “piece of paper” that signifies legal marriage befo... Read More

Moving Away

Many litigants in divorce think that they will be free to pursue a new love or a new career or return to the nest provided by their parents. Certainly, the individual has a constitutional right to free movement. However, when there are children to the marriage, the parent may have to face the fact that moving children away from the other parent may be problematic. You can go but you cannot take th... Read More

What Is The Court Doing When The Bench Officer Is Using The Computer Then Comes Up With A Child Support Order That Makes No Sense To Me?

Clients are very frequently upset to learn that ALL of their income is included for purposes of calculating guideline child support. A fairly significant percentage of litigants have limited knowledge of the difference between “gross” and “net” income and are shocked that overtime and income from other sources will be included when the court makes the child support calculation. They will i... Read More

Why Lawyers Need to Ask and Clients Need to Tell?

There are two (actually many more) types of clients that make life difficult for their attorneys and, ultimately, for themselves. There is the client who has ceded control of the finance of the community to the other spouse and, therefore, knows little or nothing about the income of the community (sometimes even their own income) or the expenses of the community. Then there is the client who has e... Read More

What You Need to Know About Alimony in California

If you are headed for a divorce, you may be wondering if the judge handling your case will award alimony, especially if one of you earns significantly less than the other spouse. To help you gain a better understanding of alimony or “spousal support” in California, we have compiled a list of facts about this topic below. If you have further questions, we encourage you to contact our firm to... Read More

Do I Require A Nursing Home Abuse Or Neglect Lawyer?

Despite the positive aspects of a nursing home, the downfall of nursing homes has begun to spiral. Abuse and neglect are starting to surface on a greater scale within Old Folks’ homes. With the increase of elderly population, families are unable to care for their loved ones with all of the daily activities that must be fulfilled. The elderly are vulnerable because of their fragile state and are ... Read More

How Do I Distinguish Whether My Infant Suffered A Birth Injury Or Birth Defect?

The anticipation of a baby can be very nerve-racking, just like it can be an exciting moment. Every parent wants their child to be born healthy, with no defects or injuries. Unfortunately, there are many instances where a birth can go terribly wrong and an infant might endure a birth defect or birth injury. What is the difference between the two? Many people might not be able to determine what mak... Read More

Can Domestic Violence Impact a Child Custody Case?

Sometimes tensions can run high in families, and it is not uncommon for parents to have differing opinions about how to discipline children. When does hitting or other acts of violence between spouses or parents and children cross the line into criminal behavior? In California, domestic violence means abuse or threats of abuse between partners, family members, and people who live together. Cali... Read More

How Do I Protect My New Business In A Divorce?

If you are starting a new business at or about the time you believe you will be filing for divorce, there are issues you should consider before you start the business. If you do not want your spouse to have an interest in your business you should file for the dissolution before you start your business. Also, if you intend to put community property into the business such as cash, you need to make... Read More

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